How to Reinvent Yourself

There is good advice in this article from The Times. Over all, the main point is this…act like the job you want and start preparing and doing the job you want before you get the job.

Many times in the work place, I have seen people be given opportunities to take on additional responsibility and/or assignments. Too many people respond to that opportunity with resentment. They say, “If they are giving me additional responsibility, they should pay me.” Or “If I am actually doing the job, they should promote me first…then I’ll do the job.”

And that is just it…many of these people want the promotion, raise or title “before” they do the job. In reality, if you want the get ahead, you have to earn it…meaning you actually have to start doing it before you get it.

If your attitude is “I’ll do it, when they paid me or promote me,” you will not get ahead.