Educate Yourself...You Just Gotta

If you are a generalist, like a general manager, who has good leadership skills, learn a new technical skill. Perhaps finance or how to use Crystal Reports or VBA in Excel. At the very least, you will know more about what can be done with these skills, and with your forward-looking view, you will be better able to anticipate what you need, how it can be done, and what type of person you need to help you do it.

If you are a technical person, like an engineer, accountant or writer, you should learn leadership skills or selling skills. Yes, leadership and sales can be learned, practiced and mastered. Think about it, the two most important jobs in any organization might just be organizing, directing and leading the work of others and bringing in and retaining more business.


  1. Bill, your postings suggest you may be interested in an article that we recently submitted to Gary Hamel's MLab newsletter entitled "Freedom--The key to reigniting management innovation." If so let me know how to email a copy.
    Bill Nobles


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