Change or be Irrelevant

“…unless it is seen as the task of the organization to lead change, the organization will not survive….the only ones who survive are the change leaders.”
– Peter F. Drucker
You know that expression about making it happen rather than waiting for it to happen to you? Well, Drucker sums it up well by describing the importance of being a change leader or better said…being someone who creates his own future.

If you are a manager worried about your job, as so many are, remember that you cannot predict the future. But you can create it. You can look for another job, start your own business on the side, or you can work extra hard at your existing job, and re-focus your efforts not only on delivering great results, but anticipating what your team will have to do in the future and start doing it now.

But whatever you do, don’t sit there and wait for something to happen to you.