Just Tell Me What You Accomplished

Could someone in a meeting please tell me what they completed and not what they are or have been working on? Too many meetings involve people rambling on about what they are doing, instead of what they did.

For example:

“Steve, can you give us an update on the product release?”

“Sure. John, Sara and I had some very meaningful conversations last week about next steps. We have also been going back and forth with Mike in operations about setting up a meeting to discuss his role.

“I left a message with Katherine about the additions to the budget, but I have not heard back.

“Also, the testing is going well and…blah, blah, blah.”

I would rather just here. “No update this week.”

Please. Unless you accomplished a task or milestone, please say “No update this week.” Unless you need help from the group in accomplishing a task, please say, “No update.” Unless there are circumstances that may hinder the completion of a task on time and you need help from the team, please say, No update.”

Meetings are not the venue for pouring over every detail of your daily activities. They are for updating the team on accomplishments. Time outside of meetings, during your work day that are for working with the team to get stuff done…making phone calls, asking for help, collecting data, preparing presentations and discussing pricing options.

During a meeting, busy managers are not interested in hearing about your activities…we just want to know about your results or what you accomplished. Having conversations with co-workers about the task is not an accomplishment.