Problems with Power

I love irony. It makes you stop in your tracks, if only for a brief moment. It makes you think, “That’s funny.”

I recently did some consulting work for a global energy and utility company. I was working with the IT group on a training needs assessment for a new software system they were implementing. The nature of the work I did is immaterial here except to say, it was interesting work and the people were smart, able and motivated to make sure their people were ready to use the new system.

OK. OK. I am getting to the irony.

On the second day, I wandered around the office to orient myself to the surrounding and find out where people sat, where the restrooms rooms were, and the location of the break room.

In the break room was a table with two microwaves and a small toaster-oven. There was a sign on the wall above the two microwave ovens. The sign read:

“Due to power problems, please only use one microwave oven at a time. Thank

I stopped in my tracks. “Wait a minute.” I thought. “This is a power company that supplies energy to millions of households in the U.S. and Europe, and they have power problems that will affect the use of a microwave oven?

“That’s funny.”