A Legend in Your Own Mind

It has been a few weeks since I played golf, and I am scheduled to play this weekend. I want to have an enjoyable day on the course, so I am re-reading The Golfer's Mind: Play to Play Great. One of the points of the book is that golf is a game of mistakes and you cannot control where the balls goes...only your reaction to where the ball goes.

On more than one occasion, I have hit the ball in the rough or trees or into a bunker and still ended with a good score on a hole, for a round. For some reason, on those holes, the bad shot(s) I hit, did not bother me. I was able to hit the next shot towards, close or on the green.

So why do my bad shots bother me most other times? What are my expectations? I have been playing golf for barely one year, and when I hit a bad shot, I get upset. What am I crazy? I am a beginner...I am supposed to hit bad shots. I should expect to hit bad shots, while at the same time...continuously endeavoring to enjoy playing and improving. With this attitude, I can enjoy playing golf because I know I will have good shots during the day. When I am in the right state of mind, I enjoy knowing that any of my next shots could and will be a good one.

This is much like trading. You will have losing (bad shots) trades. Plenty. Losing trades are part of the job; factored in. There is no reason to get upset over a losing trade or even several losing trades, if the overall system has positive expectation, and you continue to follow your system.

Sometimes in a golf game, I hit a few bad shots and begin to rush through my routine, skip it altogether or try to change my swing. I fail to follow my system. I have learned to follow my trading system with very few deviations. It is now time to apply that discipline to my golf game.

Reading *The Golfer's Mind* helps me remember that.