Secret to Golf - Relinquish All Control

I went to the driving range this morning. I have discovered the secret to golf. The secret for me at least. Every time I hit the ball well, whether with a wedge or a 3-wood, the same thing swing is easy and slow, but my wrists and grip are so light and loose that the club is allowed to come through with extraordinary speed, unfettered by a tense grip. Every time I swing like that, the ball flies high and far.

The problem is when I do that and see the ball go that far...I want to swing again, hard, to make the ball go like that again. I swing hard, tighten my grip, stiffen by wrists and hit the ground before the ball or thinly. Frustrating.

Then I talk to myself, " loose." I swing again...with a complete lack of effort, and the balls just soars. I smile and think to myself....this is sooo easy. It is quite unbelievable how easy it is to hit a 7 iron 150 or 160 yards with so little effort. I just cannot do very often...yet!

So I work on being loose, swinging easy, but almost letting the club completely go on my down swing. It works.....I just need some time to practice it. If I can master this, I will be able to shoot in the 70s someday. I know I will.

I know this because a month ago...I played a round with 3 friends. I pared the first two holes...and all of my swings were easy. I hit the fairways on both drives and the greens in regulation, two putting for par on if I had played my entire life. No problem. My friends did not know what to make of it.

If I can do that for 2 holes. I can do it for 3 or get the idea.